What should you know about the bedroom floor?

The bedchamber could be a vital lebensraum in our life. whether or not the layout of the bedchamber is cheap can have an effect on the standard of people’s rest, then touching people’s life, work and study. therefore however ought to the bedchamber be designed once it’s renovated?

vinyl flooring products

So how do you choose the floor of the bedroom? Research shows that people spend half of their time in the bedroom. The quality of the bedroom environment is not only related to people’s sleep quality, but also directly affects people’s health. So, the bedroom flooring must be eco-friendly and non-polluting materials; space For small or poorly lit bedrooms, you can choose a light-colored floor that will make the space look bigger and brighter.And must understand the advantages of vinyl flooring


WPC Vinyl Flooring Surperiority:

1.Raw materials are 100% environment protection

The raw material of our floor is high quality PVC resin which isĀ  environmental, non-toxic and renewable resources, do not contain the harmful material such as benzene, formaldehyde, heavy matal, no soluble volatile matter, no radiation.

2.Superior Anti-sliping

Our floor have a special skid resistance, wear-resisting layer of the floor and compared with common floor material, Our floor higher friction when wet.

3.Antimildew and Antibacterial Floor

Our floor surface through special antibacterial, anti fouling processing, have strong ability of killing bacteria, inhibit bacteria reproduction.

4.Warm and Comfortable

Our floor soft, flexible, good performance of thermal conductivity, heat evenly, barefoot walk on our floor feel warm and comfortable.

5.Waterproof and Dampproof

The main component of our floor is vinyl resin, vinyl resin no appetency with water, and will not happen mildew because of high humidity.

6.Insanely Thin and Light

Our floor thickness 3.2mm -12mm,weight 2-7.5kgs/sq.m., less than 10% of the common ground material, has incomparable advantages in load and space saving of highrise building, also has a special advantage in the old building reconstruction.

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Post time: Apr-26-2020